8 DIY Last Minute Gifts

We are barely a week from Christmas, and I still have gifts I need to prepare for my multiple visits. I am from a very large family, with dozens of cousins and five sets of grandparents! It can get very expensive very quickly, luckily for me my family adores handmade gifts.

This list includes DIY gifts that can be made in a day, and with a budget in mind. My goal was to choose items that contained supplies that are easy to find and not necessarily seasonal so that you don’t need to worry about your local craft store or Dollar store being out of stock.

Mason Jar String Art


Photo by Dear Paradise

This stunning piece is quick and easy to make! Wood slices can be picked up year round from almost any craft store, while the nails, yarn, and flowers can be purchased from a dollar store. With endless possibilities for color combinations, you can suit this to anyone. Not only that, this design is not as difficult as other string art patterns and that will speed things along. Also check out this awesome Rainbow Heart String Art, which is also a quick and beautiful DIY.

Coffee Cup Candle


Photo by SweetCayenne

These cups are completely cute and easy to make. Cups can be purchased in a set from any store, or individually at a dollar store. I like to find teacups and coffee cups from thrift stores. Even if they are chipped on the inside, or have a small crack they can be used. Just make sure that any part not covered by wax is not damaged. I also pick up candles from thrift stores and melt them, only adding a scented oil if needed. This is my favorite scented oil supplier, they are strong and smell fantastic so less is more when it comes to these oils!

Watercolor Sharpie Coasters


Photo by Sharpie

Almost everyone is able to use coasters in their home, and possibilities are endless when it comes to the palette options that Sharpie offers. Everything from your standard colors, to neon and pastel are available. With the unique watercolor effect, you can create completely custom gifts for anyone in your family. The tiles can be found in any hardware and even some craft stores. Cork or felt circles will prevent scratches on surfaces. A bonus idea for gift wrap using sharpies can be found here.

Felt Fox Coffee Cozy


Photo by LiaGriffith

Can we get any more adorable here? Foxes are incredibly popular, and almost everyone loves coffee. What we don’t love is when we pick up a coffee cup and burn our hands. Felt and thread are cheap, and while this may be a little more time consuming than some other crafts listed here you can get away with gifting one per person. Add a reusable coffee cup from the dollar store and it’s a total package!

Finger Knit Rope Trivet


Photo by FlaxandTwine

Do you remember finger knitting as a kid? It was an easy way for me to make cute bracelets for me and my friends, but I never did much beyond that. This tutorial will show you how to knit with only two fingers, to create a bright and natural kitchen tool. It’s easy to knock out several in an afternoon, until your fingers get sore.

Canvas Wine Totes


Photo by PaperNStitch

My family loves wine. We love to bring in new wines and share them at dinner, but traveling with a bottle can be tough. Making a tote would be an easy way to share a bottle of your favorite wine, or a multi-purpose gift wrap. You don’t have to use canvas, any thick fabric would work well.

Melt and Pour Loofah Soap


Photo by Rebecca D. Dillon

It really can’t get easier than this. Melt and pour soap can be made unique with just a few key elements, and this one includes an exfoliating loofah right in the bar! This is made with white tea and ginger, but you can substitute with any scented oil to fit your gifting needs.

Ombre Tassel Wall Hanging


Photo by PBTeen

Dip dyed yarn using only kool-aide and a wooden dowel can be so easy and so fast! The dry time will be the hardest part, so it’s best to do that step first. It’s also easy to substitute with some dollar store items if you are unable to find a dowel.


Feel free to comment with other gift ideas, or your own tips for these tutorials!

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