Top 10 DIY Snowman Tutorials

I apologize for the extended absence! Since I have been unable to create any tutorials lately, I have decided it would be best to compile a few DIY lists with some extra tips and an in depth look at how much work goes into it. My own tutorials should resume at the beginning of 2017, after the holiday rush is over.


Not only do I work in retail, I run an Etsy store. On top of my chronic illness, it’s been quite hectic over here! When I get home, I like to unwind by watching Netflix and drinking cocoa making more items for the store! Well okay, Netflix and coffee are usually involved. It’s been snowing heavily here, and I’ve seen a lot of snowmen on my way to work. I don’t have the energy to roll a bunch of snowballs together, but I can make a snowman inside where it’s cozy.

Here is a list of the best Snowman tutorials for you DIY’ers on a budget!


Tea Light Snowmen



So cute, so simple! With a very small investment, you can create a whole army of these adorable snowmen. All you need is tea light candles from Dollar Tree, along with pipe cleaners, pom poms, ribbon, felt, and some black paint or permanent marker.

Difficulty – Beginner


Cute Snowman Mug



It’s hard to get any easier than this! A white mug and two sharpies will help you make an incredible gift for any family member. Adding a bag or two of cocoa or some tea bags will give it a nice pop as well. This tutorial calls for a specific marker, but you can do it with sharpies. Just check out this tutorial on how to bake sharpie onto ceramic. 

Difficulty – Beginner


Snowman Candy Jar



This is a quick and easy project, and perfect for a teacher, coworker, or boss’ gift!

Difficulty – Beginner


Snowman Tags



If you don’t have the punch kit, it’s easy enough to cut the shapes yourself for these cool tags! They will look amazing hanging from a gift, and can be used as an ornament afterward.

Difficulty – Beginner


Bottle Cap Snowmen



Cute and easy, this would be a great craft to try with the kids! Bottle caps can be purchased, or just save them through the year.

Difficulty – Beginner


Sock Snowmen



It was inevitable that my own tutorial would be on here. You don’t need much investment to make these, just socks, filling, and buttons will get you a basic snowman. Extras like ribbon and crochet hats will take it the extra mile.

Difficulty – Intermediate


Snowman Wine Bottles



I’ll admit I have a problem when it comes to wine bottles. Not the wine itself, I can barely get through a bottle in a year. No, I love bottles. My family is always dropping bottles off to me because they know I love to work with them. At this point, they’re coming in faster than I can use them. Hmmm, maybe I’m not the only one with a problem? Either way, these bottles would be a great way to get through some and have some great snowman decor!

This tutorial is not very in depth, so you will need to use your imagination. I suggest buying white spray paint for the outside of the bottles, and painting over that. Making a hat and scarf should be easy enough, and you can decorate from there!

Difficulty – Intermediate


Fish Bowl Snowman



This one takes a little more investment, but is not terribly difficult. Most of the pieces can be found at the Dollar Store, including the bowls and trees. You may even have pieces on hand, or you can substitute other items. I have seen these snowmen made with vinyl faces as well, using only two bowls. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter or a steady painting hand though, it can be a little more difficult.

Difficulty – Intermediate


Mason Jar Snowman



Similar to the last tutorial, you will be working with glass again. This time, all you need is a jar and a clear ornament, along with some fabric and paint! A little smaller, but just as cute!

Difficulty – Intermediate


Sugar String Snowman 



There is so much room for creativity here! You can work with any color string, ribbon, or decorations. You can even string lights inside for a unique light! Patience is needed for this one, you need to leave enough time for it to dry before popping the balloon.

Difficulty – Intermediate


I hope this gave you some ideas for your holiday season. Feel free to comment with your own creations, or suggestions for another list!


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