DIY Sock Pumpkins

With the summer season behind us, we’re ready to decorate for autumn! Leaves are turning color, there is a sharp edge in the air, and pumpkins are ripe for picking.


This is my favorite season, but I’ve rarely decorated for it. That changes this year. I have tons of ideas for my apartment, and I’m ready to share them with you. I’m going to start off easy, with some sock pumpkins!


Note: If you don’t have the time to make them, I do sell them in my shop.


I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make cloth pumpkins with minimal sewing, when I realized that I already knew how to make perfect little balls without sewing several strips together. I make catnip toys for a local shelter, using socks sewn into a simple ball. Using this technique, I can make the start for some pumpkins!




First, gather your materials. You’re going to need socks, rubber bands, scissors, embroidery thread, sewing thread, sewing needles, felt (or a stick), hot glue, and stuffing.


Our local craft store is expensive when it comes to stuffing, so we buy a $3 pillow from the dollar store and use that to fill our plush projects.




Cut the sock just before the heel on both ends. This will allow for two pumpkins per sock. For the tube part of the sock, turn it inside out and tie the bottom tight before going to the next step.




Turn the sock cut inside out and stuff it until it’s nice and round. As mentioned, I open up a pillow but you can use beans, rice, or fabric scraps as well. Once it’s full and round (use slightly less filling if using rice or beans) move on to the next step.


Note: If using rice or beans, sew first and stuff after to keep beans and rice from going everywhere.




Flip the edge down on the outside and begin sewing with a running stitch, all the way around the sock.




Tighten the thread until the hole is tight. Tie it taut and cut the thread.




Now, you should have a nice ball. This is the part where my cats usually try to take over.




Take three rubber bands, and tie them around the ball. now you have a nice pumpkin shape. You could use any color rubber band and leave it this way if you’d like, but I prefer yarn or embroidery thread.




Tie yarn around the pumpkin to keep the shape, removing rubber bands as you work.




If using thread and needle: Take your embroidery thread and needle, and pull the thread through the middle of the pumpkin. You are going to want to use a fair amount of thread for this, I suggest wrapping the thread around your ball 3 or 4 times before cutting the thread.

Loop the thread around the pumpkin, where the rubber bands are. Pull through the middle again, and repeat until you have six sections on your pumpkin. Remove or cut the rubber bands.




Roll a small strip of felt and sew it at the base to keep it together. You can also use a stick, just break (or saw) a small part of it and use this in place of the felt. Hot glue it to the top of your pumpkin. Try to push it down into the stuffing, so it fills the hole and hides the glue. You can cut a leaf from felt if you would like, or use ribbon as a vine.




That’s it! This whole project should end up taking less than 10 minutes per pumpkin once you get used to it. Experiment with different sock knits, patterns, and sizes. You can also cut the sleeves off an old sweater, for a larger pumpkin.




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