The Big K

Today was a very fun and productive day! Oma took me shopping for my birthday, and I finally had a chance to use up my Hobby Lobby gift card that has been sitting in my wallet since February.

I saw a lot of expensive  beautiful items that would have been great to own, but I know we can do better. I’ll be sharing those ideas as my materials come in, as a few of them may take some time to find at a cheap price. If you’d like to prepare with me, check the bottom of this post for my search list.

Oma has been looking for something to decorate her porch with for awhile, and was on the hunt for a big K. We have a lot of K’s in our family. Her last name starts with a K, her son’s name starts with a K, and my mom’s name starts with a K. When they got together and went to put out their wedding invitations, monograms were a no-no. Luckily for me and Kasey, his name starts with an M.

We saw a lot of big K’s, but none were big enough for her porch. However, I found one that is perfect for my little apartment! Well, almost perfect.


It’s grey. Oh so grey.

And boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I like grey! But not on it’s own. We like blue, and yellow, and green.

It didn’t take long to repaint this into a nice, metallic teal. My method is… Slop it on, I suppose.


Brush it all in!


Much brighter, much better!


After it dried for a few hours (better safe than sorry), I used some sandpaper to distress it a little. It wore down to the original metal, but I really like the look! If I had a roller or wanted to spend more time on it, I could have rolled over it with a lighter turquoise to make the texture pop.


I love how it looks on Kasey’s desk. I may move it into the hallway, or hang it on the door of my craft room (K can also be for Kayleigh!)


The total cost was surprisingly low, if you include the tools.

  • The letter by Sasha was originally $13 at Michael’s, but was 50% off for $6.50. Not quite a dollar deal, but quite a bargain for a “designer” piece.
  • Metallic blue paint $.99 (Wal-Mart)
  • Brush $1 (Dollar Tree)
  • Sandpaper $1 (Dollar Tree)
  • Total Cost – $9.50

The brush of course is reusable, and there is plenty of paint and sandpaper left over for our next project! For outdoor use, a spray can of Krylon or Rustoleum clear coat is $3 at Wal-Mart and will be used in some of my other projects, it’s good to stock up!


  • Cabinet drawer fronts.
  • Drawer pulls and knobs.
  • Picture frames (wood, and wide)
  • Window shutters
  • Old mirrors
  • Letter stencils (2″-4″)
  • Burlap or canvas
  • Old doilies or lace
  • Tin or wood tray
  • Luggage stand

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